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An Insight in Regard to Youngevity Products and Minerals.

The body of a human being requires different elements and compounds in order to function properly. Carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins are the major compounds that are normally ingested. The compounds are normally constituted by for elements, that is, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. On the contrary, health or life cannot be supported by these elements alone.

Therefore, the body will need other elements like zinc, calcium, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, selenium, cobalt and copper and others. These Rich Minerals play a vital role in the human body. Through taking mineral-rich drinks and foods, the get their way into the body.They normally help the body to grow in a healthy manner as well as developing in the right time. This means some of the roles they perform are.

A. Roles played by Calcium.

Calcium is a mineral that is of great importance and highly required by the body. It is mostly used when the body has to synthesize or manufacture bone materials such as teeth. When there is sufficient calcium ion supply in the body, you will have strong bones and teeth. It is also concerned with proper muscle and nerve functioning. This element ion also helps in regulating relaxation and contraction of blood vessels.

B. Phosphorous roles in the body.

It is obvious that during growth some cells and tissues might suffer injuries or die. Therefore, they need to be repaired. Phosphorous will therefore be used to repair these cells and tissues. It will also be used in the formation of genetical composition.

C. Magnesium roles.

Magnesium is primarily involved in the balance of calcium ions as well as enzymatic activities. The body also uses the element when producing energy.

D. Sodium element roles.

Sodium will be primarily used in regulation of blood behavior such as pressure and volume. The way muscles functions also depend on sodium ions availability

E. Potassium ions roles.

Stimuli response requires electrical transmissions. Potassium therefore acts as the body electrolyte.It is also responsible in maintaining heart health as well as regulating muscular and digestive activities.

F. Roles of Iron and chloride ions.

Chloride will be responsible of balancing body fluids while iron is responsible in the formation and composition of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin transports oxygen gas in red blood cells.

G. Roles of Copper, zinc and manganese.

Zinc will help the body in the strengthening of immune system. Sex hormones, nerve cells and clotting compounds formation is the role of manganese.

Other Rich Minerals like iodine will be responsible in the formation of thyroid glands. Fluoride will reduce tooth decay and help maintain bone structure while selenium increase thyroid effectiveness and proper functioning. Rich Minerals required by the body are many not only the above mentioned.

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