The Top Three Features To Seek Out When Purchasing A New Fiat

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Purchasing a new car can be stressful, but a little research can allow a consumer to make an educated purchase and get a quality car at an affordable price. One of the most popular vehicles to hit the market is the Fiat Tipo, which is a beautifully designed mid-size sedan that offers luxury appointments typically only found in cars that are three times the price. Here is a quick look at the features to choose to configure your Fiat Tipo, so it provides an unprecedented driving experience.

GPS Navigation System

The laws around using a phone while driving are continually evolving, and police officers are becoming more vigilant in their quest to make the roadways safer by reducing the occurrence of distracted driving. The Tipo’s built-in navigation system is accessed through an easy to use touchscreen interface that allows the driver to control several facets of the vehicle and make it to their final destination safely and without getting lost in the process.

All Wheel Drive

Driving conditions can change in an instant, and the automatic all-wheel-drive option allows a driver to remain in control of a vehicle, no matter what mother nature may throw their way. Don’t settle for a standard two-wheel drive option, when upgrading to the all-wheel model will allow the Tipo to have more versatility without breaking the bank. Tackle any driving conditions with ease in the newly designed Fiat mid-size sedan.

T-Jet Turbo Engine

Nothing can make the experience of driving more exhilarating than a sporty, responsive engine. The available T-Jet Turbo engine will allow a driver to lead the pack and make even short jaunts across town more exciting. The diesel option will provide the best of both worlds, offering spunky acceleration paired with impressive fuel economy in one easy to drive package.

Don’t make choosing a new car more complicated than necessary. The Tipo is an attractive option that will allow anyone to own a reliable and fun to drive car at an affordable price. Stop by a dealer today to test drive one and experience the fun and excitement of owning the road in a new Fiat.



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