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Procedures of Knowing a Person’s Blood Pressure

It is important for someone to keep track of the pressure changes in his/ her body.There are ways through which this can be achieved. During the process of blood pressure measurement some factors should be taken care of to get results with no errors.First one should consider the position they will be; if standing or seated. The hand is supposed to be flexed if he/ she is measuring the blood pressure when resting on a chair.

Blood pressure recording should not be done when one is restless or is eager to know the results.This is to prevent the recording of false measurements.

Following are the steps during the blood pressure measurement.The cuff used to take the measurement should be of good size. A person should use a cuff that is almost the same size of the hand. The cuff should be placed around the upper part of the hand, and it should not be very close to the antecubital fossa. Over the brachial artery is where someone should squeeze the bell on the stethoscope.

At times it is good to use bell or diaphragm because the use of bell on antecubital fossa may be hard to some people.Air is then pushed into the cuff quickly up to 180mmHg.Air that has been inflated is then released slowly. Use the stethoscope to listen and also notice the differences that happen on the sphygmomanometer. The two types of blood pressure are manifested by the removal of a knocking sound. A loud sound produced will mean systolic pressure and when the sound is no more it mean diastolic pressure.

The recording is not done for a single arm but both.This is done to keep record of the differences between the two arms.Some of other important aspects to note are the position on the arm where the measurement was done. Recording of the fitness of the cuff is also important.

There are also some precautions that one should know when trying to measure the blood pressure.A large cuff is recommended for people who have obesity or the fat people. The size of cuff used to take blood pressure measurement for the kids should be one that is not large not to fit into their hands. one should not use a cuff over the clothing because all blood impulses may not be recorded.

to avoid getting false results, it is advised that one should be careful during the whole process. For the best results to be attained it is necessary that one seeks someone who is good at blood pressure measuring to guide or even take the measurement.The importance of knowing your blood pressure is so as to change lifestyle.

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