6 Facts About Realtors Everyone Thinks Are True

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What to Consider When Choosing a Real estate Agent

Whether you’re planning on selling or buying property, having a real estate by your side is wise. But how do you choose one?

Professional Experience

Aside from how long they’ve been part of the real estate industry, you should ask how much specific experience they have with clients having needs that are similar to yours. Also take note of the difference between a part-time agent and one who’s in the job full-time. Surely, the latter will be able to provide a level of service that the former cannot. It’s the most natural thing to expect.

Areas and Types of Properties

As neighborhood markets vary significantly, it’s a must to choose an agent who is an expert in the location where you want to buy or sell property. Some properties may also need a specific specialty, like historic homes that require an agent who is knowledgeable about unique challenges and likely restrictions. If this will be your first home purchase, pick an agent who usually works newbie buyers like you and can patiently guide you from start to end.


A communication gap of only a few hours can mean the difference between a great deal and a wasted opportunity. Thus, pick an agent who is quick to return your emails, texts or calls as quickly as possible.

Client References

Interviewing potential agents is always a good idea, and so is talking to buyers and sellers they’ve worked with in the past.

This gets rid of the self-promotion business people are obliged to do, and offers a clear idea of how your relationship with the agent will likely play out. You also want to know how much of their business is sourced from referrals or repeat business. If they generally work with referrals or repeat business, that means their clients were satisfied.


Usually, buyers don’t pay commissions directly, but sellers do, and their actual costs can vary sidely from one agent to another. In any case, make sure to request a breakdown of estimated closing costs. It appropriate in your market, agents can throw in free staging or take care of your moving costs. If an agent charges cheap, make sure the quality of their services will not suffer.

These considerations are all useful as you look for an agent, but your instincts should still rule in the end. There are a lot of agents these days having different styles and personalities, but you have to find the one who’s just perfect for you.

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